BEQU 4-in-1 Vertical Laptop Stand/Holder (Silver)

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BEQU vertical laptop stand offers a convenient and stylish solution to keep your laptop organized on your desk or workstation. By securely cradling the laptop in an upright position, it not only maximizes desk space but also reduces clutter. The vertical orientation helps improve airflow around the laptop, aiding in efficient cooling and preventing overheating during prolonged use. Additionally, a well-designed vertical laptop stand provides easy access to ports and connectors, allowing seamless connectivity with peripherals. Whether in a home office, workplace, or study environment, a vertical laptop stand offers an elegant and practical way to store and display your laptop when not in use, enhancing both productivity and aesthetics.

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[4-in-1 Dock Design] This 4-in-1 stand is engineered to hold two laptops and two cell phones vertically simultaneously, doubling your productivity. It uses your desktop space efficiently, keeping your workspace tidy and organized.

[Adjustable for Versatility] The adjustable laptop stand is adaptable to different laptop sizes, accommodating thicknesses from 12.5mm to 46mm. An Allen key for easy adjustment is included in the package.

[Heavy Duty, Protective & Stable] Designed with a non-toxic silicone mat & pad to protect your Laptop/MacBook from scratches and secure it in place. It is scratch-resistant, durable, heavy duty & has sturdy weighted base, made from anodized aluminum, ensures your laptop stays safe and steady. No tipping over.

[Efficient cooling] The vertical orientation allows for better airflow around the laptop, aiding in heat dissipation and preventing overheating during/after prolonged use.

[Exquisite Design] Sandblasted, brushed, and CNC-machined from anodized aluminum alloy. This stand has the same texture as a Macbook’s surface.

[Wide Compatibility] The laptop holder works with a broad range of laptops and IPADs/tablets, cell phones including but not limited to Apple MacBook Pro/Air, iPad, Microsoft Surface, Chromebook, Dell, Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, Sony Asus XPS, and HP ENVY Series, along with cell phones.

[100% Free Risk Assurance] The product is warranted for 12 months. If it is damaged during use, please contact us directly to solve the problem.

[Space-saving] This stand helps free up valuable desk space by holding the laptop in an upright position, leaving room for other essential items.

[Improved organization] With this product, your laptop stays neatly in place, reducing desk clutter and promoting a clean and organized workspace.

[Quick docking and undocking] Placing your laptop in this stand makes it effortless to dock and undock the device, ideal for users who frequently move between workstations.


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