BEQU 750ml Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle (Green)

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BEQU collapsible silicone water bottle is a portable and space-saving hydration solution. Made from flexible silicone material, it can be easily collapsed when empty, making it compact and ideal for travel, outdoor activities, or on-the-go use. When filled, it holds a generous amount of water, and its leak-proof design ensures a mess-free experience. The silicone material is durable, BPA-free, and easy to clean, making it a convenient and eco-friendly choice for staying hydrated wherever you go.

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[Space-Saving Design] Collapses to a fraction of its size when empty, saving valuable bag space.

[Lightweight and Portable] Easy to carry, making it perfect for travel, hiking, camping, and sports.

[Eco-Friendly Material] Made from food-grade silicone, free from harmful chemicals like BPA, ensuring safe and sustainable hydration.

[Expandable Capacity] When filled, the bottle expands to hold a generous amount of water, providing ample hydration on the go.

[Leak-Proof Seal] Equipped with a secure lid and sealing mechanism, preventing spills and leaks during transport.

[Easy to Clean] The silicone material is non-stick, allowing for effortless cleaning, and is dishwasher-safe for added convenience.

[Temperature Resistant] Suitable for both hot and cold beverages, accommodating a wide range of drink choices.

[Durable and Long-Lasting] Resistant to wear and tear, ensuring it withstands daily use and rugged outdoor adventures.

[Versatile Usage] Can be used as a water bottle, juice container, or even for carrying snacks, thanks to its adaptable design.

[Vibrant Colors] Available in a variety of attractive colors, adding a touch of style to your hydration routine.


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